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Identity, illustration, packaging


Work made together with CH Graphiste  

Introducing the redesigned Pistonhead - a rebel revolution inspired by motor culture. With raw power and a fearless attitude, we proudly unveil the iconic reimagination of Pistonhead, embodying its essence in a whole new way.

Drawing inspiration from the roots of motor culture, our contemporary twist takes you on a thrilling journey through time and space. Every detail infused with the golden age's sweat and tears.

Pistonhead now represents fearless rebels, breaking boundaries and defying norms. It symbolizes those who dare to be different, celebrating the heroes who push limits and embrace the unbridled spirit of the open road.

More than just a beer, Pistonhead is a lifestyle manifestation. As the world races on, it reminds us to embrace motor culture's authenticity while making things black, adding intrigue and attitude to the mix.

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